Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ebook- Final outcome of our Etwinning Project -

     This is the final outcome of my students' hard work for a whole year. They have written collaboratively this short story so as to give an idea to our European partners about some famous Tunisian towns. I haven't interfered but to correct some grammatical mistakes.The spirit of the task is that they choose heroes from the ancient history of our country and give them new roles. The towns they have picked are their own choice. I am so proud of their devotion and commitment. Special thanks to Nour for her hard work and utter engagement in the process. It is true that only few of them have been fully engaged. Some of them were more worried about their final exam than being part of an invaluable project. But what is heart-warming is that during the project itself, much has been learned and a lot of interaction has happened.