Monday, January 25, 2016

Proud of you!

       This activity is part of our e-twinning project. Our partners are from Serbia, Luthwania, Turkey Roamnia, Italy and Greece. We agreed on crafting some handmade postcards and sending them via post to each others' schools. Thus, we had, me and my 14-year-old students, some of the most pleasurable times together. We met on friday aternoon, as usual. Learners were not obliged to come and they enjoyed the two-hour session and were so absorbed in the crafting process that they didn't notice that time was flying. They were not only engaged but also highly-motivated.
    We used the internet to collect as many samples of handmade postcards as possible. Then, we met, each group decided which postcard to work on. The students used their mobile phones to take pictures of the postcard they are going to craft together in earnest. What amazed me is their creativity, collaborative spirit and willingness to create something special and unique so as to offer "valuable" gifts to our European partners. 
      I am so proud of them all and they were so proud of themselves. I couldn't not to write my reflections and feelings about this project and session. We really had a whale of time. 
Some of my students suggested they craft more postcards on their own. I welcomed the idea and encouraged them. There were many questions, suggestions and exchanges of ideas.
      Many of them suggested we work on more projects which deal with handicrafts. Who said that Gen Y is not a skilled generation ? Who said that that they are not skilled enough to create nicely-designed postcards? 
     I am so proud of them and their creativity. Here are some samples of their postcards.