Thursday, October 1, 2015

World Teachers' Day


           Dear Teachers,

   Happy Anniversary! This is an open letter to every teacher in the world.

           You are important !
           You matter!
           You are making a huge difference in the life of your students!
         Never get disappointed and carry on your noble career with a lot of diligence and hope ! You are the light in the darkness. You are not only enlightening minds but also building generations. The more hopeful, tolerant and ethical you are, the more hopeful, tolerant and ethical are your students!
We are here to join hands, stand by each other and spread peace and love. We are the messengers of love and fraternity. We defend the oppressed and stand by them. We enlighten the obscure paths and plant seeds of Hope, Love and Peace. We are eternal because in every corner, in every street, in every city, in every country, there's a teacher who toils to make tomorrow a better place.
       It is true we do not always get what we deserve but we are not waiting for an instant recognition, we are patient enough to know that our value is far more important and it yields a lot in the future than the present moment.
      Undeniably,We are humans. We have weaknesses. We get angry . We get bored. We feel desperate! But once the students' smiles and flashy eyes transmit emotions of gratitude, we are back on track and we feel we can move mountains.
     Let us be grateful today to our teachers because without them we would not have achieved anything. Thank you my teachers for being so patient, so considerate and so supportive!
Just one last thing to add is that on this special occasion, I would like to give a special thought to a dedicated and exceptional teacher who has passed away and left a big void in the ELT Tunisian community. He was an outstanding teacher and did not spare efforts to encourage Tunisian ELTs. He had a road accident and left us all totally at a loss. RIP Tarak.. You will never become a memory because your outstanding work is eternal and your devotion to your work is a light that illuminates our career paths.
I would like to quote Tarak ( this is a very deep quotation that I found among his conversations in "Yesterday, I was having a coffee with a colleague, a teacher of French at the same school. We were chatting about many things. But, there was something he said that I thought was really interesting. Making a difference, he said, in this world starts not from a lavish President's or Governor's desk but it starts from the humble desk of a teacher. What this means is that teaching is much deeper than just teaching equations and grammar rules. It is about inspiring, caring, sharing and extending…"

      Tarak inspired me a lot in my teaching. He was very resourceful and supportive. He created the First onlineTunisian ELT Magazine and he had special skills in graphic design.He was the first Tunisian to interview ELT Luminaries such as Larry Ferlazzo , David Kapuler, etc.. He also managed many blogs: Please have a look and share his work. The legacy of our colleague will outlive thanks to your efforts.
Here is a list of his blogs:
   Rest in Peace Tarak...

  Thank you Grammarly for the suggestion to write and share insights about the World Teachers' Day! Here is an interesting inforgraphic shared by Grammarly.

World Teacher Day