Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Inspirational Mentors

     Dear Mr. Abidi and Mr.Melki 

       I do not know if this is the perfect time to say this, but I think it's always perfect time to show gratitude. I always feel I owe you
 ( and many other inspirational colleagues) a debt of gratitude. 
 Mr.Melki and Mr.Abidi were my mentors but their influence can but last a lifetime.
     A good mentor, like a good teacher,cannot be forgotten and his impact lasts forever.  In my career as a teacher (it's been 14 years now), I've been pleased to work with two great mentors, I worked with Mr.Abidi and Mr.Melki. I am grateful to both of them  because I learnt much (I hope I have) from their willingness to work diligently and creatively. They incited us to improve our teaching and reflect on our teaching. As for using technology, though by that time; when Mr.Abidi mentored me in the late 90's, Internet was a new feature of our society, he did not spare an effort to encourage us and instill so much love for our job. I must not forget that he encouraged us to be creative and tried his best to show us the way to do things differently.
 My second mentor was as great as Mr.Abidi ,Mr. Melki. He did prove to be a great mentor. He has an unfailing commitment to communication and trust. He helped me find my way ( I think I did)  by guiding me in a very subtle way. I cannot forget that the amount of trust he put in me. Amazingly, he boosted my motivation and increased my readiness to self-develop and grow professionally. 
    As for criticism, which is something many of us find hard to take lightly, it is less difficult if it comes from a person we trust , a person with insight and wisdom. What was really memorable about my two past mentors is that they have always had time for teachers to share insight and wisdom, to guide in a very smooth way, without forcing us into one way as opposed to another way. I would like to share with you a couple of some unforgettable words by Mr. Abidi and Mr. Melki, that keep reverberating in my mind . Mr.Abidi always kept wonderfully saying to us : "Teach what you preach, and test what you teach." By that time, as a new teacher, I was stumbling and his wise words kept reminding me of where I shall look further, ponder, reflect and judge differently. In the awesome  experience later on , with Mr.Melki. It meant a great deal to me when he added something valuable to this quotation, which is his own definition of an effective, professional teacher. Mr. Melki : "Teach what you preach and test what you  teach WELL."
    These two mentors (and more inspiring people in my life, I would devote for them new posts in my blog) mean a lot to me because they helped me envision my goals and look beyond the surface. They both urged us to think critically and never be a slave of the textbook. I have had much honor and joy working with them. One cannot but feel grateful for their unfailing encouragement and assistance. They never failed to be there when we needed them. Hence, their impact lasts an eternity and cannot be erased or removed from our hearts and minds.
 You may have the best mentor in the world, however, if they have no time for you, then they will not be the best option to guide you to the place you really want to be. 
   By and large, I owe much of my enthusiasm and inspiration to both of them. Both of these great men, have given much of their inner wisdom and expertise to the best of their teachers' development and the implementation of effective teaching practices.You cannot but feel high-spirited and aspiring high when you work with both of them. This is my own short experience with mentors and I do value very much the effort they put in paving the way for effective teaching. Undoubtedly, this cannot happen, if your mentors are inhibiting you, as teachers, from blossoming creatively in the world of teaching. 


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Evo 2014 - E-Textbook Crafting

     Being digitally connected to educators from everywhere in the world is really a very enriching, thrilling and rewarding experience. Though I am running against the clock with many responsibilities as a mother, teacher and blogger , I do find this experience one of the most rewarding experiences a teacher can engage in, reflect and share insights with some other fellows from the globe. I do encourage teachers to take a firm step towards their own professional development. No matter how busy we grow, but it's the most amazing experience you can ever engage in. With the assistance and help of wonderful moderators and caring participants, one can but feel very grateful. I am thankful to all of them for the wonderful amount of inspiration going on. Hooray ! Happy EVO Sessions for everyone! Here are some useful links to help you connect :
    Below is my first presentation as to what perfect E-textbooks are . 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Dear Readers/ Teachers everywhere:

Wish you all a fruitful New Year full of:

1-New learning. May you never stop learning no matter how tough , complex is the new learning .

2-New mistakes. The more we commit, the more we understand the goals we have planned and how efficient were the strategies we applied.

3-New ventures. Try to plan new projects you have been afraid to accomplish. The more we try new ventures, the more we keep fear away from our life.

4- New people. Embrace new spirits and share your insights with them.

5-Collaboration.Collaborate with everyone who's ready to share and care.

6-Motivation.Ignore those who keep demotivating you and thinking of you in small terms.

7-Empathy. Befriend those who are positive and don't forget to thank those who are by your side, who are lifting you higher.

8-New aims. Aim high and you will shine from within.
Happy New Year