Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My A-Z Top favorite tech tools

   Being techy savvy ,these days, is an absolute must for all teachers everywhere in the world. (Un) Fortunately, the responsibility lies on the teachers' shoulders (especially in the developing world)  to explore, learn, unlearn, discover and share knowledge. In this post, I am including the A to Z list of the in vogue techy words that every teacher can have some fun exploring and why not exploiting these tools in one's teaching for the benefit of all the learners, who can be more or less digitally conscious or unconscious.
Enjoy discovering these online tools, web apps or websites and I would be happy to hear back from you about your top favorite tools.
Audacity:Free audio editor and recorder. 

Audiboo: You can record and share audio files with anyone.

Animoto: It makes it simple to create video-based lessons or presentations for the classroom and to share them with students or anyone else.

Blog : an interesting tool that help teachers connect with the world and themselves

Box.net: a useful tool to share documents in a blog.

Bitstrips: to create funny cartoons starring you and your friends and share them.

Creaza Education: A nice storytelling tool.

Domo Animate:  Interesting to let the learners create their own stories.

Dropbox: Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service that is frequently used for file sharing and collaboration.


Edmodo: It provides a safe and easy way for us , as teachers and our class ( in the future) to connect and collaborate.

Faceyourmanga: to create your own avatar (MangaAtar) and recieve it via e-mail. This is fun and engaging.

Glogster:  An internet tool that allows users to create and share interactive posters. 

Goqr me: A QR code generator . @ (http://goqr.me/)

How stuff works : http://www.howstuffworks.com/

Instagram: Take a picture or a video and share them with your friends on social networking sites.

Ipiccy: Free online photo editor.(http://ipiccy.com/)

J-clic: Is a platform for the creation, playing and evaluation of multimedia educational activities.

Create safe and simple blogs for your students.

Language garden plant maker:   Make creative word 

plants using this online tool and save them as pictures. (@ http://www.languagegarden.com/PlantMaker2/index.html)

Learnoutloud.com: Browse over 3000 educational vide
os, audio files,podcasts,etc..  @( http://www.learnoutloud.com/Catalog/Languages)

Mind Mapping tool: Mind42: This is an online mind mapping tool.@ (http://mind42.com/)


Photopeach: Make your own free slide show in seconds.It could be used as a storytelling tool

Pinterest: You can pin just about any image you find interseting. Many teachers are using this site as a place to collect lesson ideas; plans, etc..

Popplet: You can use popplet to brainstorm ideas, create mindmaps, share and collaborate.

Prezi: is a cloud based presentation software. 

Pixlr: Free online photo editor.

Q R codes : Qrstuff.com: Generate QR codes and download them.

Ribbet: Online photo editor.

Scoopit: a wonderful curation tool. Have a profile and start following topics of interest to you.

Storybird: Create, read and share visual stories. 

Tagul:  Create beautiful looking tag clouds and embed them.

Voicethread: a digital storytelling video making it possible for colleagues, friends to collaborate on the same project, whether a story to tell, a video to make, a narration to share.

Voki: Create customized avatars and add them to your profile. @ (http://www.voki.com/)

Wallwisher: Easily create some sticky notes ( by sending a text, an image or a video ) and make your profile public or private.

Wordle: Generate word clouds. This is wonderful word art. 

Youtube: Share your videos with friends, family and the world and exlpore a wealth of videos. 

Zondle: Create, play and share games to support teaching/ learning.

Hopefully, all that starts well ends well. In fact, while looking for effective tech tools, I have searched the net for more confirmation from experts in the field. That's why I am including links to articles, blogs and sites that have been of immense help in my search. Below are the links I have flipped through. With all my due respect. 
Happy Blogging :-)