Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jill Hadfield on Motivation- IATEFL 2013

This workshop is on how teachers can, practically, motivate learners by an ELT Luminary Jill Hadfield. This topic is the concern of every Teacher whether succesful or facing hindrances in motivating learners. As a matter of fact, success for teachers is not tangible and it's teacher's fate to face every year new problems whether related to motivation or other concerns. But the best teachers are those who succeed in adjusting their techniques to the new set of problems faced and try to adopt new techniques that could be applied during class time with those learners. It's an endless process of challenges, successes and failures.And failure teaches teachers more than success. That's why I like to post this workshop presented by Jill Hadfield about  motivating learners in which she explores four ways to translate visions into goals , translate goals into plans, translating plans into strategies and translating strategies into achievement.Enjoy watching dear ELTs.

Interview with Adrian Underhill- IATEFL 2013

This is an interview with an ELT luminary, : Adrian Underhill in which he tackles the spontaneity , or improvisation in Lesson Plans. He is inspiring us as teachers how to be spontaneous and "make contact" with the learners. He also suggests some practical ideas to implement in the classroom. What I liked is the expression " mind's ear". Though the word seems new to me but I am so familiar with the concept. Actually, I like the interview but I wish it were longer.