Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Inhale training ... Exhale Creativity

  Teachers , wherever they are, need more training sessions and more caring mentors to satisfy their professional needs. It is obvious to everyone that attending training sessions, workshops, seminars  is so beneficial to teachers as well as mentors, especially if teachers do express their willingness to attend and express  their urgent need to find some solutions to  the problems they are facing. 
Such live, energetic encounters do help teachers cooperate and enrich their own experience by listening to other teachers and learning from their experiences. More than this, the fact of attending more training sessions boosts teacher confidence and spurs their creativity. Undoubtedly, these professional meetings make teachers more and more aware of their professional profile and what do they aspire to achieve within their classroom framework or even on a larger scale, such as collaborating on some projects and sharing the outcomes with a larger audience. Personally, I think one important right of educationalists, teachers, trainers is to attend as many training sessions, seminars, conferences as they want to. It's always been a very rewarding experience for me, whether virtual or face-to-face. Wish you all Happy Training Days.