Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My First Online Class- Digi Kids EVO Storytelling Session

    Enrolling at the EVO session of Digital storytelling for kids is an appealing experience that I am living right now. It has been a week since I enrolled. Connecting with Educationalists, top bloggers in the world of ELT, teachers from everywhere in the world was a Dream for me. Now, thanks to technology, I can connect, share ideas with them, attend their wonderful webinars! I am grateful to all the moderators for their constant encouragement, their tips, their care. Such a wonderful multitude of experts in using technology to enhance learning/ teaching. At some point of time I feel very thrilled by the noble aims of these teachers across the globe. What is amazing is that we're sharing our experiences, our creations using some free online tools and helping each other connect, share and CARE! 
The first webinar was very memorable to me! I won't forget the fact that I was struggling with the internet connection to download the application and log on in the conference room! The first step into this world filled my heart and mind with great joy and by the time the session ended, I wished I would stay more! 
Special thanks to Shelly Terrel, Eva Buyuksimkesyan, Marisa Constantinides, Esra Girgin, Jennifer Verschoor, Ozge Karaoglu, Juan Uribe, David Dodgson, Jenniffer Verschoor, Elizabeth Anne...It's true that I've been following their blogs, their tweeting and learning from them a lot but learning from them online is such a rewarding and wonderful experience. Wish the online sessions would never end! 
Personally, I feel that it is our duty as teachers to enrol in these classes and learn the most , even I won't use it now, unfortunately, I might need them for the future in my teaching!