Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Me and Technology

Networking with teachers, educationalists and experts in the field has proved to be at the essence of my motivation. I do owe much to technology. Such a big world that enthralls its surfers to the magic places it takes them to. Connecting with the world has triggered both my imagination and my brain power. While searching for proper tips, reading thought-provoking articles, tweeting;  I've sensed that I am more and more voracious for all that food for thought. The real challenge is the amount of food to eat. Hopefully, summer is  suitable for us, as teachers, to pursue the journey of learning with firm steps.What has added to my motivation is the availability of information whatsoever! We are luckier in the sense that teacher development is within reach to everyone. How poor are we , on all terms, unless we take advantage of this wealth.
Technology, then, if I dare say, is somewhat a wonderful trigger for thoughts. It prevents brain death. Exchanging tips, hearing from teachers , learning from their trial and error via  social networks. 
Nonetheless, this huge database  has somewhat created some confusion. Facing this plethora of links, articles, methods with a lot of serenity is the remedy. With the course of time, one comes to have some predilections and develops some "values" concerning one's teaching. The confusion, is a must-phase I  think, every eager surfer shall pass through. This has made me ponder my principles in teaching? Are they congruous with the spirit of this digital age? Am I benefiting from my surfing? Am I enhancing my teaching skills? Am I doing my best with my pupils? Am I engaging my learners enough?
What matters is the stick-to-it-iveness. The more we are confused, worried about our teaching, the closer we are to a clear vision. 
All in all, technology literacy is a must nowadays and it really saddens me to see some teachers reluctant to embrace this treasure for the sake of their career and noble pursuits. This does not mean that all teachers are reluctant. What is wondrous is the readiness of many teachers to learn and pass the information on to everyone. The more interesting is yet to come!