Monday, September 18, 2017

My School Memories!

 It's been a long break with blogging, but here I am to scribble some few thoughts, reflections and feelings with you all. Truly, I felt the urgent need to pour down some feelings that weigh on my chest. Every school year is a new occasion to start off a new journey with plenty of destinations that we would take our students to, for short walks, rides or even flights. ( Do not take my words literally please!)
Last Academic Year was a special journey to me & my students. We had unfogettable moments together. They were so special because I FELT that I took my students on a special journey! In fact, some of my students (a good majority)  expressed their wishes that all the learning sessions were like these ones.  We, together, discovered the joy of learning, while working together, putting heads together, asking questions, planning tasks together and sharing tips with each other. These moments taught me that the real teachers are my STUDENTS. I learned much from them. I learned to feel how do they feel , while working. I observed their reactions to the whole learning process. I learned to wait till they finish up working, even if it meant leaving school later than usual, postponing things till they are PILED UP ( do not follow my example) . I learned to listen to them till the last word and never anticipate what they would say. I learned to sit with them, talk to them like their mom and try to dissipate their worries, push them to think positively about their future and paths to follow so as to improve.
This is how I felt, but u may ask ( 'cause if I dare say I can read your mind at this point) how did I PRACTICALLY make my students enjoy those sessions.
To make things clear crystal for you, here is a list of activities , randomly-ordered, we managed to implement in class last year! Hope u find the list inspiring:
* Teach with the help of stuffed penguins to recycle wh-questions
*Integrate CRAFTING in my lessons objectives ( Crafting postcards to our eTwinning partners, Crafting fortune tellers,Crafting Finger Puppets to conduct mini-rolepalys and enhance the speaking skills of my students, Crafting masks to some stories that were changed into role-palys, Crafting a puppet, etc...) Those were the most exciting moments my students had ever witnessed, as most of them voiced out) .
*Conduct a live event with my Tunisian and Romanian partners. Such an enriching experience!
*Organise a party , in which some of my students helped in the seating, the cleaning, the decoration, all the space management details to reward their peers with some prizes that were granted by the staff of the CNTE, who were responsible for the management of eTwinning in Tunisia. We had unforgettable moments together! I WILL NOT FORGET YOU ALL !
        By and large, the last academic year was one of the most rewarding years in my professional career! I am sure I am gonna miss my colleagues , my school and teaching , a lot! Nevertheless, new challenges are awaiting me and I am pretty ready to face the new challenges and be up to all the expectations to be a great mentor like my previous mentor, Mr.Melki , who passed away last March . May he rest in Peace! "I will do my best to keep my word Mr.Melki and honor you!"

Hope I did not bother you with all of these details. Yet, I hope I inspired some of you to do things differently! Happy New School Year 2018

NB: I am sharing with you some of the pics we took in the previous school year!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Top 5 Photo Collage Tools

       To make photo collages within an online project, we always stumble on sites which do not provide free services and after a long work on design of the collage, we are surprised that the site is not offering free services and we cannot download the collage. That's why, it is mandatory for teachers to go directly to a safe site , and save time. Thus, this is a list of the top 5 Photo Collages that I recommend so as to make the required work to do easier in some way.
    1-Photo Collage




Happy Collages! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

European Quality Label

      This is one of the most exalting news ever! I would like to thank all of those who made this possible: my partners in the project, my amazing pupils, my supportive colleagues, the staff of my school and the whole staff of the CNTE , who were of great support and help to everyone of us. Zillion thanks to everyone of you! I shall not forget to thank my family, to whom I owe much of my success. Yet, this is a small step in front of what many are making. I hope many of the steps to come would be mostly successful. THANK YOU FROM THE HEART

Monday, November 21, 2016

Activity: Using stuffed penguins to motivate students to write

        This is a low-tech activity which I have implemented lately, with my 9th grade students (aged 14-16) and it was quite successful. That's why I think it is worth-sharing. I hope you like the activity, adopt it and adapt it to your own classes. I know this might not be new to some of you, but it could be inspiring to some of those who are looking for something out of the ordinary routines to try in class, during third hour classes, which is meant in our Tunisian syllabus to make fun and enjoy learning English. I do not think this could be implemented with adults, though I think this is tempting to try and see! 
   Materials: Stuffed animals 
   Organisation: Group work
   Time: 15 mn
   Aims: To write a first person paragraph
            To narrate a story based on the stuffed animal 
            Recycle and consolidate basic structures to write correct/ meaningful sentences
            Collaborate in groups to share ideas and use imagination creatively
   Description: In this activity, the students (assembled in groups of 4)get a stuffed animal,( this time, a penguin). They decide whether to write a first-person paragraph, or third-person paragraph about the penguin. What is crucial is that they decide to write a short story revolving around the penguin. 
   Preparation: You will need to bring stuffed animals to the class depending on the number of groups. Papers and markers are optional. 
1-At the beginning of the activity, the teacher writes a set of questions, which could give the students clues about the flow and the sequence of the paragraph. The questions revolve around the name, age, hobbies, feelings of the penguin, why and where is he/she! The story is not long, but every student can make it longer, when interested, to resume writing , but this time a longer version of the story. 
2-When the students agree on all the necessary details to include in their writings, they write the story and then share them with their peers. 
       The students have been so excited to see, use stuffed animals and share ideas in a very collaborative spirit. They have been engaged during the whole process of writing. The newness of the activity have boosted their motivation to write. Some other pupils volunteered to take pictures of the activity, while working. Some of the pictures are posted below. 
The paragraphs, or the stories are far from being perfect or void of language mistakes, but they become aware of their mistakes, due to the conversations going on while writing. This is a demanding activity for the teacher, because he has to ensure that every pupil is taking part in the activity. Some funny names the students have used are: Penguy, Pengushi, Penguat, Pengury. Some funny lines are: Today, we'd like to present Penguat is fat. The rhyme of the names have helped the learners to think of corresponding adjectives. Some other examples state: Pengury is angry. 
What is interesting is that learners have used their imagination and put heads together to take appropriate decisions concerning many parts of their writings.